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SOLBAT funded publications

124. Lithium Borate Polycarbonates for High-Capacity Solid-State Composite Cathodes - Charlesworth, Thomas; Yiamsawat,Kanyapat; Gao,Hui; Rees, Gregory J.; Williams, Charlotte K.;  Bruce, Peter G.; Pasta, Mauro and Gregory, Georgina L.

123. The impact of magnesium content on lithium-magnesium alloy electrode performance with argyrodite solid electrolyte - Aspinall, J.; Sada, K.;Guo, H.; Kotakadi, S.; Narayanan, S.; Chart, Y.; Jagger, B.; Milan, E.; Brassart, L.; Armstrong, D.; Pasta, M.

122. Processing-structure-property relationships in practical thin solid-electrolyte separators for all-solid-state batteries - Li, Junhao;  Kim, Soochan; Mezzomo, Lorenzo; Chart, Yvonne; Aspinall, Jack; Ruffo,Riccardo; Pasta, Mauro

121. Improving damage resistance of solid-state battery cathodes with block copolymers: A non-linear diffusion-mechanics study at the microscale - Bazazzadeh, S; Pasta, M; Figiel, L.


120. Initiation of dendritic failure of LLZTO via sub-surface lithium deposition - Siniscalchi, M; Shia, Yifu; Li, Guanchen; Gibson, Joshua S.; Weatherup, Robert; Bonilla, Ruy S.; Spellera, Susannah C; Grovenor, Chris R. M.


119. Alternatives to fluorinated binders: recyclable copolyester/carbonate electrolytes for high-capacity solid composite cathodes - Yeo, H; Gregory, Georgina L.; Gao, Hui; Yiamsawat, Kanyapat; Rees, Gregory J.; McGuire, Thomas; Pasta, Mauro; Bruce,Peter G. Bruce; Williams, Charlotte K.

118. Effect of Microstructure on the Cycling Behavior of Li–In Alloy Anodes for Solid-State Batteries - Aspinall, J., Chart,Y., Guo, H., Shrestha, P., Burton,M. , Pasta,M; ACS Energy Lett.

ers (2024)

117. Influence of contouring the lithium metal/solid electrolyte interface on the critical current for dendrites - Zhang, Shengming; Hu, Bingkun; Geng, Zeyang; Gao, Xiangwen; Spencer Jolly, Dominic; Melvin, Dominic L.R.;Ning, Ziyang; Li, Guanchen; Jenkins, Max; Wang, Longlong; Gao, Hui;  Pu, Shengda D.; Marrow, James; Monroe, Charles W.; Bruce, Peter G.

116. Lithium Metal under Static and Dynamic Mechanical Loading - Darnbrough, Ed; Armstrong, D.E.J.

115. Clarifying the Dopant Local Structure and Effect on Ionic Conductivity in Garnet Solid-State Electrolytes for Lithium-Ion Batteries - Vema, Sundee.p, Berge, Astrid H., Nagendran, Supreeth., Grey, Clare P.; Chemistry of Materials (2023)


114. Going against the Grain: Atomistic Modeling of Grain Boundaries in Solid Electrolytes for Solid-State Batteries - Dawson, James A.

113. On the Origin of the Non-Arrhenius Na-ion Conductivity in Na3OB -  Darminto, B; Rees, Gregory J.; Cattermull, J; Hashi, K; Diaz-Lopez, M; Kuwata, N; Turrely, S.J; Milan, E; Chart, Y; Di Mino, C; Lee, H.J.; Goodwin, Andrew L.; Pasta,M

112. Understanding the Surface Regeneration and Reactivity of Garnet Solid-State Electrolytes -  Vema, Sundeep.,  Sayed, Farheen N., Nagendran, Supreeth., Karagoz, Burcu., Sternemann, Christian., Paulus, Michael., Held, Georg., Grey, Clare P.; ACS Energy Letters (2023)


111. Solid electrolyte interphases in lithium metal batteries - Jagger,B.; Pasta, M.; Joule (2023)

110. Elastic and Plastic Mechanical Properties of Lithium measured by nanoindentation - Darnbrough, E.; Aspinall, J.: Pasta, M.; Armstrong, D.E.J.; Materials & Design (2023)

109. Dendrite initiation and propagation in lithium metal solid-state batteries - Ning, Z., Melvin, D.L.R,  Chen, Y., Bu, J., Spencer-Jolly, D., Liu, J., Hu, B., Gao, X., Perera, J., Gong, C.,  Pu, S.D., Zhang, S., Liu, B.,  Hartley, G.O., Todd, R.I., Grant, P.S.,  Armstrong, D.E.J., Marrow, T.J., Bruce, P.G.; Nature (2023)


108. Structural changes in the silver-carbon composite anode interlayer of solid-state batteries -  Dominic Spencer Jolly, Varnika Agarwal, Christopher Doerrer, Bingkun Hu, Shengming Zhang, Dominic L.R. Melvin, Hui Gao, Xiangwen Gao, Paul Adamson, Oxana V. Magdysyuk , Patrick S. Grant , Robert A. House, Peter G. Bruce; Joule (2023)


107. Modelling and experimental investigation of Nb2O5 as a high-rate battery anode material - Lin, J., Zhao, S., Tranter, T.G., Zhang, Z., Peng, F., Brett, D., Jervis, R., Shearing, P.R; Electrochimica Acta (2023)


106. Delocalized electron holes on oxygen in a battery cathode - House, R.A., Rees, G.J., McColl, K., Marie, J.-J., Garcia-Fernandez, M., Nag, A., Zhou, K.-J., Cassidy, S., Morgan, B.J., Saiful Islam, M., Bruce, P.G; Nature Energy (2023)

105. Engineering Solution-Processed Non-Crystalline Solid Electrolytes for Li Metal Batteries - Vadhva, P., Gill, T.E., Cruddos, J.H., Said, S., Siniscalchi, M., Narayanan, S., Pasta, M., Miller, T.S., Rettie, A.J.E; Chemistry of Materials (2023)

104. A database of experimentally measured lithium solid electrolyte conductivities evaluated with machine learning  - Cameron J. Hargreaves, Michael W. Gaultois, Luke M. Daniels, Emma J. Watts, Vitaliy A. Kurlin, Michael Moran, Yun Dang, Rhun Morris, Alexandra Morscher, Kate Thompson, Matthew A. Wright, Beluvalli-Eshwarappa Prasad, Frédéric Blanc, Chris M. Collins, Catriona A. Crawford, Benjamin B. Duff, Jae Evans, Jacinthe Gamon, Guopeng Han, Bernhard T. Leube, Hongjun Niu, Arnaud J. Perez, Aris Robinson, Oliver Rogan, Paul M. Sharp, Elvis Shoko, Manel Sonni, William J. Thomas, Andrij Vasylenko, Lu Wang, Matthew J. Rosseinsky & Matthew S. Dyer; npj Computational Materials (2023)

103. Control of Ionic Conductivity by Lithium Distribution in Cubic Oxide Argyrodites Li6+ xP1- xSixO5Cl - Morscher, A., Duff, B.B., Han, G., Daniels, L.M., Dang, Y., Zanella, M., Sonni, M., Malik, A., Dyer, M.S., Chen, R., Blanc, F., Claridge, J.B., Rosseinsky, M.J; Journal of the American Chemical Society (2022)


102. Detection of trapped molecular O 2 in a charged Li-rich cathode by Neutron PDF - House, Robert A; Playford, Helen Y; Smith, Ronald I; Holter, Jennifer; Griffiths, Ian; Zhou, Ke-Jin; Bruce, Peter G; Energy & Environmental Science (2022)


101.  EBSD-coupled indentation: nanoscale mechanics of lithium metal - Jack Aspinall, David E. J. Armstrong, Mauro Pasta; Materials today ENERGY (2022)

100. Block Poly(carbonate-ester) Ionomers as High-Performance and Recyclable Thermoplastic Elastomers - Gregory, G.L., Sulley, G.S., Kimpel, J., Łagodzińska, M., Häfele, L., Carrodeguas, L.P., Williams, C.K.


99. Effect of current density on the Li–Li6PS5Cl solid electrolyte interphase - Narayanan, Sudarshan; Ulissi, Ulderico; Gibson, Joshua; Chart, Yvonne; Weatherup, Robert; Pasta, Mauro; Nature Comms (2022)


98. Fabrication of thin solid electrolytes containing a small volume of an Li3OCl-type antiperovskite phase by RF magnetron sputtering - Turrell, S.J., Lee, H.J., Siniscalchi, M., Narayanan, S., Pasta, M., Speller, S.C., Grovenor, C.R.M.

97. Buffering Volume Change in Solid-State Battery Composite Cathodes with CO2-Derived Block Polycarbonate Ethers - Gregory, G.L.; Gao, H; Liu, B; Gao, X; Rees, G.J.; Pasta, M; Bruce, P.G.; Williams, C.K; J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2022)


96. Insights into the Transport and Thermodynamic Properties of a Bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide-Based Ionic Liquid Electrolyte for Battery Applications - Fawdon, J., Rees, G.J., La Mantia, F., Pasta, M.; Journal of Physical

95. Forced Disorder in the Solid Solution Li3P-Li2S: A New Class of Fully Reduced Solid Electrolytes for Lithium Metal Anodes - Szczuka, C., Karasulu, B., Groh, M.F., Sayed, F.N., Sherman, T.J., Bocarsly, J.D., Vema, S., Menkin, S., Emge, S.P., Morris, A.J., Grey, C.P.


94 Void growth within Li electrodes in solid electrolyte cells - Agier, J.A.B., Shishvan, S.S., Fleck, N.A., Deshpande, V.S.

93. On the Relative Importance of Li Bulk Diffusivity and Interface Morphology in Determining the Stripped Capacity of Metallic Anodes in Solid-State Batteries | ACS Energy Letters - Marco Siniscalchi, Junliang Liu, Joshua S Gibson, Stephen J Turrell, Jack Aspinall, Robert S Weatherup, Mauro Pasta, Susannah C Speller, Chris RM Grovenor; ACS Energy Letters (2022)

92. Effect of current density on the Li–Li6PS5Cl solid electrolyte interphase - Narayanan, Sudarshan; Ulissi, Ulderico; Gibson, Joshua; Chart, Yvonne; Weatherup, Robert; Pasta, Mauro; ChemRxiv (2022)

91. LiNi0. 5Mn1. 5O4 cathode microstructure for all-solid-state batteries - Lee, Hyeon Jeong; Liu, Xiaoxiao; Chart, Yvonne; Tang, Peng; Bae, Jin-Gyu; Narayanan, Sudarshan; Lee, Ji Hoon; Potter, Richard; Sun, Yongming; Pasta, Mauro; ChemRxiv (2022)

90. Interfacial Modification between Argyrodite-type Solid-State Electrolytes and Li Metal Anodes using LiPON Interlayers - Jin Su, Mauro Pasta, Ziyang Ning, Xiangwen Gao, Peter G. Bruce and Chris R.M. Grovenor; Energy & Environmental Science (2022) 

89. A compliant and low-expansion 2-phase micro-architectured material, with potential application to solid-state Li-ion batteries - Zhao, Y., Deshpande, V.S., Fleck, N.A.; Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids (2022)

88. Achieving Ultra‐High Rate Planar and Dendrite‐Free Zinc Electroplating for Aqueous Zinc Battery Anodes - Shengda D. Pu, Chen Gong, Yuanbo T. Tang, Ziyang Ning, Junliang Liu, Shengming Zhang, Yi Yuan, Dominic Melvin, Sixie Yang, Liquan Pi, John-Joseph Marie, Bingkun Hu, Max Jenkins, Zixuan Li,Boyang Liu, S. C. Edman Tsang, T. James Marrow, Roger C. Reed, Xiangwen Gao, Peter G. Bruce, Alex W. Robertson; Advanced Materials (2022)

87. Cation Disorder and Large Tetragonal Supercell Ordering in the Li-Rich Argyrodite Li7Zn0.5SiS6 - Leube, B.T., Collins, C.M., Daniels, L.M., Duff, B.B., Dang, Y., Chen, R., Gaultois, M.W., Manning, T.D., Blanc, F., Dyer, M.S., Claridge, J.B., Rosseinsky, M.J.; Chemistry of Materials (2022)

86. Controlling Iron Versus Oxygen Redox in the Layered Cathode Na0. 67Fe0. 5Mn0. 5O2: Mitigating Voltage and Capacity Fade by Mg Substitution - Boivin, Edouard; House, Robert A; Marie, John‐Joseph; Bruce, Peter G; Advanced Energy Materials (2022)

85. Direct imaging of oxygen shifts associated with the oxygen redox of Li-rich layered oxides - Song, W., Pérez-Osorio, M.A., Marie, J.-J., Liberti, E., Luo, X., O'Leary, C., House, R.A., Bruce, P.G., Nellist, P.D.; Joule (2022)

84. Exploiting Sodium Coordination in Alternating Monomer Sequences to Toughen Degradable Block Polyester Thermoplastic Elastomers - Gregory, G.L., Williams, C.K.; Macromolecules (2022)

83. High critical currents for dendrite penetration and voiding in potassium metal anode solid-state batteries - Spencer Jolly, Dominic; Perera, Johann; Pu, Shengda D; Melvin, Dominic LR; Adamson, Paul; Bruce, Peter G; Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry (2022)

82. In situ and operando characterisation of Li metal – Solid electrolyte interfaces - Narayanan, S., Gibson, J.S., Aspinall, J., Weatherup, R.S., Pasta, M.; Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science (2022)

81. Off-the-Shelf Gd(NO3)3as an Efficient High-Spin Metal Ion Polarizing Agent for Magic Angle Spinning Dynamic Nuclear Polarization - Elliott, S.J., Duff, B.B., Taylor-Hughes, A.R., Cheney, D.J., Corley, J.P., Paul, S., Brookfield, A., Pawsey, S., Gajan, D., Aspinall, H.C., Lesage, A., Blanc, F.  Chemistry Letters (2022)

80. Interfaces between Ceramic and Polymer Electrolytes: A Comparison of Oxide and Sulfide Solid Electrolytes for Hybrid Solid-State Batteries - Dominic Spencer Jolly, Dominic L. R. Melvin, Isabella D. R. Stephens, Rowena H. Brugge, Shengda Pu, Junfu Bu, Ziyang Ning, Gareth O. Hartley, Paul Adamson, Patrick S. Grant, Ainara Aguadero, Peter G. Bruce; Inorganics (2022)

79. Li-ion conductivity in Li2OHCl1−xBrx solid electrolytes: grains, grain boundaries and interfaces - Lee, H.J., Darminto, B., Narayanan, S., Diaz-Lopez, M., Xiao, A.W., Chart, Y., Lee, J.H., Dawson, J.A., Pasta, M.; Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2022)

78. Origin of the High Specific Capacity in Sodium Manganese Hexacyanomanganate - Kevin Hurlbutt, Feliciano Giustino, George Volonakis, Mauro Pasta; Chemistry of Materials (2022)

77. Quantitative ion exchange reactions to form from Li2xVac2-2xLa2Ti3O9+ x defect layered perovskites from H2La2Ti3O10 via solid acid/base reaction - Thomas, Chris I; Yip, Thomas WS; Cussen, Serena A; Cussen, Edmund J; Journal of Solid State Chemistry (2022)

76. Solid-state lithium battery cathodes operating at low pressures - Xiangwen Gao, Boyang Li, Bingkun Hu, Ziyang Ning, Dominic Spencer  Jolly, Shengming Zhang, Johann Perera, Junfu Bu, Junliang Liu, Christopher Doerrer, Ed Darnbrough, David Armstrong, Patrick S. Grant, Peter G. Bruce; Joule (2022)

75. The Role of the Reducible Dopant in Solid Electrolyte–Lithium Metal - Innes McClelland, Hany El-Shinawi, Samuel G. Booth, Anna Regoutz, Jasmin Clough, Sebastian Altus, Edmund J. Cussen, Peter J. Baker, Serena A. Cussen; Chemistry of Materials (2022)

74. TiO2 as Second Phase in Na3Zr2Si2PO12 to Suppress Dendrite Growth in Sodium Metal Solid-State Batteries - Gao, Z., Yang, J., Li, G., Ferber, T., Feng, J., Li, Y., Fu, H., Jaegermann, W., Monroe, C.W., Huang, Y.; Advanced Energy Materials (2022)

73. Uncovering the Interplay of Competing Distortions in the Prussian Blue Analogue K2Cu[Fe(CN)6] - Cattermull, J., Sada, K., Hurlbutt, K., Cassidy, S.J., Pasta, M., Goodwin, A.L.; Chemistry of Materials (2022)

72. 2021 roadmap for sodium-ion batteries - Tapia-Ruiz, N., Armstrong, A.R., Alptekin, H., Amores, M.A., Au, H., Barker, J., Boston, R., Brant, W.R., Brittain, J.M., Chen, Y., Chhowalla, M., Choi, Y.-S., Costa, S.I.R., Ribadeneyra, M.C., Cussen, S.A., Cussen, E.J., David, W.I.F., Desai, A.V., Dickson, S.A.M., Eweka, E.I., Forero-Saboya, J.D., Grey, C.P., Griffin, J.M., Gross, P., Hua, X., Irvine, J.T.S., Johansson, P., Jones, M.O., Karlsmo, M., Kendrick, E., Kim, E., Kolosov, O.V., Li, Z., Mertens, S.F.L., Mogensen, R., Monconduit, L., Morris, R.E., Naylor, A.J., Nikman, S., O'Keefe, C.A., Ould, D.M.C., Palgrave, R.G., Poizot, P., Ponrouch, A., Renault, S., Reynolds, E.M., Rudola, A., Sayers, R., Scanlon, D.O., Sen, S., Seymour, V.R., Silván, B., Sougrati, M.T., Stievano, L., Stone, G.S., Thomas, C.I., Titirici, M.-M., Tong, J., Wood, T.J., Wright, D.S., Younesi, R.; JPhys Energy (2021)

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70. 3D imaging of lithium protrusions in solid‐state lithium batteries using X‐ray computed tomography - Hao, Shuai; Bailey, Josh J; Iacoviello, Francesco; Bu, Junfu; Grant, Patrick S; Brett, Dan JL; Shearing, Paul R; Advanced Functional Materials (2021)

69. 3D X-Ray Characterization of Energy Storage and Conversion Devices - Tan, Chun; Leach, Andrew S; Heenan, Thomas MM; Jervis, Rhodri; Brett, Dan JL; Shearing, Paul R; Advances in Sustainable Energy (2021)

68. A red phosphorus-graphite composite as anode material for potassium-ion batteries - Capone, I., Aspinall, J., Lee, H.J., Xiao, A.W., Ihli, J., Pasta, M.; Materials Today Energy (2021)

67. Bulk O2 formation and Mg displacement explain O-redox in Na0.67Mn0.72Mg0.28O2 - Boivin, E., House, R.A., Pérez-Osorio, M.A., Marie, J.-J., Maitra, U., Rees, G.J., Bruce, P.G.; Joule (2021)

66. Carbon-emcoating architecture boosts lithium storage of Nb2O5 - Ji, Q., Xu, Z., Gao, X., Cheng, Y.-J., Wan, X., Zuo, X., Chen, G.Z., Hu, B., Zhu, J., Bruce, P.G., Xia, Y.; Science China Materials (2021)

65. Catalytic Synergy Using Al(III) and Group 1 Metals to Accelerate Epoxide and Anhydride Ring-Opening Copolymerizations - Diment, W.T., Gregory, G.L., Kerr, R.W.F., Phanopoulos, A., Buchard, A., Williams, C.K.; ACS Catalysis (2021)

64. Characterising lithium-ion electrolytes via operando Raman microspectroscopy - Fawdon, J., Ihli, J., Mantia, F.L., Pasta, M.; Nature Communications (2021)

63. Covalency does not suppress O2 formation in 4d and 5d Li-rich O-redox cathodes - House, R.A., Marie, J.-J., Park, J., Rees, G.J., Agrestini, S., Nag, A., Garcia-Fernandez, M., Zhou, K.-J., Bruce, P.G.; Nature Communications (2021)

62. Development of sputtered nitrogen-doped Li1+xAlxGe2-x(PO4)3 thin films for solid state batteries - Mousavi, T., Slattery, I., Jagger, B., Liu, J., Speller, S., Grovenor, C.; Solid State Ionics (2021)

61. Direct Imaging of Oxygen Sub-lattice Deformation in Li-rich Cathode Material Using Electron Ptychography - Song, Weixin; Osorio, Miguel; Marie, John; Liberti, Emanuela; Luo, Xiaonan; O'Leary, Colum; House, Robert; Bruce, Peter; Nellist, Peter; Joule (2021)

60. Element selection for crystalline inorganic solid discovery guided by unsupervised machine learning of experimentally explored chemistry - Vasylenko, A., Gamon, J., Duff, B.B., Gusev, V.V., Daniels, L.M., Zanella, M., Shin, J.F., Sharp, P.M., Morscher, A., Chen, R., Neale, A.R., Hardwick, L.J., Claridge, J.B., Blanc, F., Gaultois, M.W., Dyer, M.S., Rosseinsky, M.J.; Nature Communications (2021)

59. Extended Condensed Ultraphosphate Frameworks with Monovalent Ions Combine Lithium Mobility with High Computed Electrochemical Stability - Han, G., Vasylenko, A., Neale, A.R., Duff, B.B., Chen, R., Dyer, M.S., Dang, Y., Daniels, L.M., Zanella, M., Robertson, C.M., Kershaw Cook, L.J., Hansen, A.-L., Knapp, M., Hardwick, L.J., Blanc, F., Claridge, J.B., Rosseinsky, M.J.; Journal of the American Chemical Society (2021)

58. High Energy Density Single-Crystal NMC/Li6PS5Cl Cathodes for All-Solid-State Lithium-Metal Batteries - Doerrer, C., Capone, I., Narayanan, S., Liu, J., Grovenor, C.R.M., Pasta, M., Grant, P.S.; ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2021)

57. Imaging Sodium Dendrite Growth in All-Solid-State Sodium Batteries Using 23Na T2-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Rees, G.J., Spencer Jolly, D., Ning, Z., Marrow, T.J., Pavlovskaya, G.E., Bruce, P.G.; Angewandte Chemie (2021)

56. Li2NiO2F a New Oxyfluoride Disordered Rocksalt Cathode Material - Xu, Xiaoyu; Pi, Liquan; Marie, John-Joseph; Rees, Gregory J; Gong, Chen; Pu, Shengda; House, Robert A; Robertson, Alexander W; Bruce, Peter G; Journal of The Electrochemical Society (2021)

55. Li4.3AlS3.3Cl0.7: A Sulfide-Chloride Lithium Ion Conductor with Highly Disordered Structure and Increased Conductivity -  Jacinthe Gamon, Matthew S. Dyer, Benjamin B. Duff, Andrij Vasylenko, Luke M. Daniels, Marco Zanella, Michael W. Gaultois, Frédéric Blanc, John B. Claridge, and Matthew J. Rosseinsky; Chemistry of Materials (2021)

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51. Polymorph of LiAlP2O7: Combined Computational, Synthetic, Crystallographic, and Ionic Conductivity Study - Shoko, E., Dang, Y., Han, G., Duff, B.B., Dyer, M.S., Daniels, L.M., Chen, R., Blanc, F., Claridge, J.B., Rosseinsky, M.J.; Inorganic Chemistry (2021)

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48. Temperature Dependence of Lithium Anode Voiding in Argyrodite Solid-State Batteries - Spencer Jolly, D., Ning, Z., Hartley, G.O., Liu, B., Melvin, D.L.R., Adamson, P., Marrow, J., Bruce, P.G.; ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2021)

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42. Ordered LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 Cathode in Bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide-Based Ionic Liquid Electrolyte: Importance of the Cathode–Electrolyte Interphase -Hyeon Jeong Lee, Zachary Brown, Ying Zhao, Jack Fawdon, Weixin Song, Ji Hoon Lee, Johannes Ihli, and  Mauro Pasta; Chemistry of Materials (Feb 2021)

41. In Situ Diffusion Measurements of a NASICON-Structured All-Solid-State Battery Using Muon Spin Relaxation - Innes McClelland, Samuel G. Booth, Hany El-Shinawi, Beth I. J. Johnston, Jasmin Clough, Weimin Guo, Edmund J. Cussen, Peter J. Baker, and Serena A. Corr; ACS Applied Energy Materials (Jan 2021)

40. The initiation of void growth during stripping of Li electrodes in solid electrolyte cells - Siamak S.Shishvan, Norman A. Fleck, Vikram S. Deshpande; Journal of Power Sources (Jan 2021)

39. Tracking Lithium Penetration in Solid Electrolyte in 3D by In-situ Synchrotron X-ray Computed Tomography - Shuai Hao, Sohrab R. Daemi, Thomas M.M.Heenan, Wenjia Du, Chun Tan, Malte Storm, Christoph Rau, Dan J.L. Brett, Paul R.Shearing; Nano Energy (Jan 2021)

38. 3D Imaging of Lithium Protrusions in Solid‐State Lithium Batteries using X‐Ray Computed Tomography - Shuai Hao, Josh J. Bailey, Francesco Iacoviello, Junfu Bu, Patrick S. Grant, Dan J. L. Brett, Paul R. Shearing; Advanced Functional Materials (Dec 2020)

37. Li1.5La1.5MO6 (M = W6+, Te6+) as a new series of lithium-rich double perovskites for all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries - Marco Amores, Hany El-Shinawi, Innes McClelland, Stephen R. Yeandel, Peter J. Baker, Ronald I. Smith, Helen Y. Playford, Pooja Goddard, Serena A. Corr & Edmund J. Cussen; Nature Communications (Dec 2020)

36. The Earth Mover’s Distance as a Metric for the Space of Inorganic Compositions - Cameron J. Hargreaves, Matthew S. Dyer, Michael W. Gaultois , Vitaliy A. Kurlin , and Matthew J. Rosseinsky; Chemistry of Materials (Dec 2020)

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